Toddler/Preschooler bored of their toys? Try this


Does this scenario sound familiar: You have two toy boxes full of toys but they sit untouched! Your child is whiny and bored, but doesn’t show any interest in rooting through their toy box to find something of interest. “Why?!” You exclaim! I’ve spent hours choosing and hundreds (thousands) of dollars buying these toys!

Ok, so try this: set up a few stations, either on the carpet or table, of activities. Take out the blocks and group them together, take the barn and farm animals and put them together in another area, take the play food and kitchen utensils and group them together in another area. I also like to add an area with a few books grouped together beside a cushion or little chair. This should get them playing in no time.

I learned this from watching the teachers at daycare. Sometimes kids get overwhelmed and cannot sort through the toys in the bin to make sense of what to play. This gentle guidance will help them focus while giving their imagination freedom to roam!


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