Kids lunches: ideas to spruce up your sandwich repertoire


Sandwiches make great lunches, but it’s easy to run out of ideas and fall into a sandwich rut. The dreaded sandwich rut! You may not know it exists, but your kids do (especially if packed school lunches often include a sandwich).

Think outside the box (or brown bag) for some new ideas. Sprucing up an old favorite, such as sliced turkey, with a handful of arugula or mesclun-type salad greens adds freshness. Also, instead of using chicken or turkey cold cuts, try slicing chicken or turkey breast leftovers from last night’s dinner. In fact, you could use any of yesterday’s dinner leftovers for a sandwich; (spaghetti and) meatballs on crusty French loaf anyone? Even changing up your go-to cheese will make a difference on your favorites.

We’re calling our latest sandwich creation a Dilly Bagel. Everything bagel, dill cream cheese, cucumbers, sliced pickles, salt and pepper. Delicious!

Try a ham and cheese pretzel. Slice a soft, salty pretzel and layer on ham, cheese and mustard. Fun!

What are your fun sandwich ideas?


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