Five fun ways to pretend with play food


If you’ve ever wondered what to do with plastic peas or shiny fake apples, here are five fun ideas for pretending with play food.

1. Restaurant: Take turns with your child between being the waiter and the patron at your own pretend restaurant. You can even make menus and draw pictures of the meals you will serve. Set a table and learn about table manners.

2. Cooking show: Pretend that you have your own cooking show! Your little celebrity chef can concoct all sorts of wild creations and describe to the audience what she is doing. A fun way to learn about how to prepare food.

3. Be farmers: This is a great way to play and learn about where food comes from. Pretend to pick your play fruit from trees and pretend to pull carrots out of the ground. You can also get your stuffed or plastic farm animals involved.

4. Grocery store: Set up a few shelves of food items and take turns buying food and being the cashier (and shelve stocker!). Pretend to drive home and unload groceries into the play fridge (a large cardboard box will do). Learn about money and how food gets from the store to the fridge.

5. Tea party/dinner party: Dress up! Pour tea and eat the finest of cakes and appetizers! Have pleasant table conversations with all of your teddies. Learn to be a great host and clean up when your guests leave (into the toy box).

Make the suggestions to get your game of pretend going, but let your child take the lead in the play when he is on a roll.


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