Living room campout ideas for kids


Here some great ideas on how to create and enjoy a living room campout for kids!

Tent: If you have a mini tent or kids tent that you can easily set up in your living room, that’s great, if not, a simple blanket tent (think blanket fort) will work well. A few chairs and a blanket are all you need! Don’t forget a flashlight!

Food: Cook up typical camping fare, hot dogs or veggie dogs and s’mores are a great start! Sausages, kebobs (meat or veggie), baked potato, corn and fruit slices are also delicious options. Putting your food onto a stick (wooden BBQ skewer) also adds an element of camping authenticity.

Entertainment: A singalong is fun; if you play guitar, that’s a bonus! For inspiration try a kids camping singalong CD such as Let’s Go! Travel, Camp and Car Songs, by Susie Tallman, or the Disney DVD Sing Along Songs – Campout at Walt Disney World. Board games and ghost stories also rank high on the camping activity list, depending on the children’s ages. For kids age nine and up, check out Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, by Alvin Schwartz.

Movies: Camping movies are great way to get kids excited about a living room campout. For classics try The Great Outdoors or The Parent Trap. For younger kids with shorter attention spans, TV shows with camping episodes are good entertainment. Some shows with camping episodes include Max & Ruby, Bubble Guppies, Olivia, Barney, and Curious George. Individual episodes are often available on demand from, iTunes/Apple TV, or your local service provider.

Campfire: Crafting a pretend campfire can be a fun activity. A large paper plate, or a serving tray covered in paper, can be used as the base. Add some rocks around the outside, some twigs in the middle and orange, yellow and red tissue paper flames. Alternatively, if you have a fireplace and will be supervising, this also makes for a great indoor camping experience.

Don’t forget to take photos of your indoor adventure!


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