Planning a trip to the wading pool? Check out this essentials checklist!


Getting your kids ready for a fun day at the wading pool? Here’s a checklist of the essentials (and non-essentials) to help ensure you don’t miss a thing!


Sunscreen – Important when spending time in the water and sun. Waterproof works best in wet environments, but still needs to be reapplied frequently to prevent sunburns (as per instructions in bottle).

Hat – A snug-fitting hat or hat with a strap for the little ones so it wont blow off into the water. A brim is also a good idea for keeping sun off the face. Hats are important for mitigating overexposure to sun.

Swim diaper – For those not yet potty trained, this is a requirement at most pools and just an all around good idea as it keeps everything in and doesn’t swell up in the water like regular diapers. Bring a few in case multiple changes are required.

Bathing suit or t-shirt and shorts – Bathing suits are great for the wading pool (look for one with SPF) but a t-shirt and shorts work just as well, and can also provide some sun protection (in tandem with sunscreen). Just remember not to let kids sit around or play in wet clothes too long, as this can cause yeast and fungal infections.

Two changes of clothes (& fresh diapers, if required) – One for in-between swim jaunts to the playground, (or for “just in case”) and one for leaving/going home in. A coverup can be great too for a quick stop on the blanket for a snack.

Water (in sippy, bottle or reusable eco container) – Don’t forget to pack water for yourself as well! Add some ice to yours as it will heat up quickly in the sun.

Towel – A most overlooked item when going to the wading pool, as it’s not considered a “swimming pool”, this item is most handy!

Non-essentials (but fun to have!):

Camera – To capture all of the splashing around. If you want to get right in there, but are worried about getting water in your camera, try a disposable waterproof camera. They can be pricy and pictures may not be quite as crisp as your camera, but they can’t be beat for those in-the-water shots. If you spend a lot if time taking water pics of your family consider purchasing a digital waterproof camera or a waterproof case for your DSLR.

Beach Ball – You will make new friends quickly with this item! Beach balls are perfect for the wading pool, as they float and will not leave a mark as they go bouncing off other kids (and they will!).

Water shoes (or Croc-style shoes) – Make sure they fit well and have non-slip treads. Water shoes can save little feet from scratches and from being stepped on. They can also make walking from the pool to the towel more comfortable and stop feet from collecting dirt in the walk over as well.

Bucket, cups, or other container for filling and dumping – Kids love to fill up cups and pour out the water. Clean, empty yogurt containers work well, as do plastic buckets.

Sunglasses – For you, to shade your peepers.

Snacks – fruit such as bananas, apples, and oranges keep well in the heat and are not too messy. Watermelon slices in reusable containers work well too. Bring cloths to wipe hands before eating and prior to reentering the pool.

Blanket – (Placed in the shade if possible!) For you and the kids to sit on while enjoying snacks or resting poolside.

Remember, you should be within arms reach of your little ones in the wading pool.

What items are on your wading pool essentials list?


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