Fun Family Games to Play at the Beach

Are you bored of lounging peacefully on the beach in the summer sun? Neither are we! However, if you are looking for some games to add to the excitement of your beach day, see below for some great family beach game ideas.


Sticks and Stones
Required Equipment: sticks, stones
Goal: Hit the bullseye with as many stones as possible.
1) Draw a line in the sand (possibly under your umbrella); this is the line for players to sit/stand behind.
2) Draw a circle in the sand, approximately five to ten feet from the starting line, and put a stick in the middle. This is the bullseye.
3) Each player gets six stones.
4) Players sit or stand behind the line and throw stones towards bullseye, stones inside the circle are worth one point, stones touching the stick are worth two points. Player with the most points wins.
5) To increase difficulty: smaller bullseye targets and/or farther away bullseye targets


Beach Scavenger Hunt
Required equipment: paper, pencils, container to hold objects
Goal: To find the most unique objects that relate to the scavenger list
1) Make a list of adjectives that could describe scavenger items to find at the beach, some ideas are: something wet, something dry, something light, something heavy, something light coloured, something dark coloured, something slippery, something slimy, something pretty, something shiny, something smooth, something rough.
2) Everyone has a set amount of time (say 10 or 20 minutes) to look for items matching the descriptions listed and puts them in their container.
3) Everyone returns to “home” (under the umbrella) to compare items. Read out each object description, for each adjective, everyone shows the item that they’ve found. Any duplicate items are discarded, anyone with a unique item for that description gets a point. Player with the most points wins.


Sink or Float
Required equipment: Bucket of water, a variety of items that will sink or float
Goal: Correctly determine which items will sink or float
1) Fill a bucket with water.
2) Collect a variety of items from around the beach and from what you’ve brought to the beach (that you don’t mind getting wet and that will fit in the bucket).
3) Take each item and poll players if they think it will sink or float.
4) Test out the hypothesis by dropping the item into the bucket. Players that are correct get a point. Player with the most points wins.


Towel Tag
Required equipment: Towels (minimum two)
Goal: Not to be tagged by the person who is “it”
Notes: Works best on an uncrowded beach
1) Set out towels (minimum two) a distance apart, these are the “safe zones”, a player may stand on this and be safe from being tagged by “it”.
2) One player is “it”, the other players are trying not to be tagged by “it”.
3) Each player that is tagged, is out and must sit down until the next round, last person to be tagged is declared the winner, first person tagged is “it” for the next round.


Silly Feet
Required equipment: Feet
Goal: To get from the start to the finish line as fast as possible, while following the footprints in the sand
Notes: Works best in wet sand, where footprints can easily be seen
1) Draw a line in the sand, this is the starting line, 10 – 20 feet away, draw another line in the sand, this is the finish line.
2) Have players make a series of crazy footprints from the start line to finish line (works best if some are backwards, sideways, farther apart, etc.).
3) Have players choose a set of footprints to follow and stand behind the starting line.
4) Say “on your mark, get set, go!” Players must get from the start to the finish line, while putting their feet into each of the footprints on their path from start to finish. First player to the finish line wins. (Extra points for silly arm movements as they follow the prints!).


Fill It, Don’t Spill It
Required equipment: pail, wet sand, water
Goal: First player to fill their hole completely with water until it overflows wins.
Note: This game works best with two players and works best in wet sand (as dry sand just absorbs the water).
1) Draw a line in the sand, this is the starting line.
2) Each player gets a bucket, fill bucket with water. Place buckets on the ground behind starting line.
3) Approximately ten feet in front of each bucket, mark an “x” on the ground, this is going to be where players dig a hole to fill. The catch? Each player will dig the other players hole.
4) Have players stand behind the starting line. Say “on your mark, get set, go!” then each player has one minute to run to the opposite players “x” mark, dig a hole as big as possible and return to the start line.
5) After the one minute mark, players come back behind the starting line.
6) Fill cupped hands with water from your bucket and run to hole to fill. Repeat until one person fills their hole completely with water.
7) To decrease difficulty: use small objects, shells, yogurt cups, etc, instead of hands to fill hole.


Water Splat Art
Required Equipment: buckets, water, dry sand
Goal: To use a bucket of water to create a picture in the dry sand
Notes: Works only in dry sand
1) For each round, one person is a judge, the rest are artists.
2) The judge calls out a silly scene for the artists to create, for example: Cat eating a banana!
3) Each player uses their bucket of water to pour onto the dry sand and create a picture that closely resembles the silly scene.
4) The judge reviews each picture and chooses a winner.
5) Variations: play in teams, teammates must guess what the picture is that their artist teammate has created.

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