Food: Tasty Frozen Fruit for Kids


Frozen fruit is a simple and healthy treat for kids. With very little prep work (washing and cutting) and some patience (while it freezes) you will have cool delicious frozen fruit to snack on that is much healthier than most store bought frozen treats. Our favorite fruit to freeze are watermelon chunks, grapes and blueberries, but any fruit with a high water content will work well. You can easily make watermelon popsicles by inserting a popsicle stick into a long, rectangular slice.

Having your kids help you prepare the fruit will add to the fun factor. Freeze fruit in a freezer bag and try to squeeze out most of the air. These frozen fruit treats are super simple but they are addictive! (Seriously, try eating just one frozen watermelon cube! Impossible!)

Another quick frozen fruit treat are chocolate dipped bananas. Melt some chocolate, dip in sliced bananas, or insert a wooden BBQ skewer into a whole, pealed banana, dip and freeze. Done!

These frozen treats are best when left to sit at room temperature for 5 minutes prior to serving. What are your family’s favorite, easy frozen treats?

Note: these are not toddler appropriate treats and should only be given to kids that are accustom to eating hard foods.


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