Fashion: Chunky Knits for Kids – Fall 2012

Chunky knits are in for fall 2012; this means for kids too! This adorable look is great for back-to-school, daycare, playdates or more formal holiday visits. Chunky sweaters do not have to be oversized and should definitely not look sloppy. Choose a piece that will look great in a variety of pairings and is comfortable for your kids. Sweaters are great for layering; our pairing suggestions are listed below.

When buying sweaters for your kids, make sure you check the fabric to see if it will be comfortable to wear. Often, sweaters look gorgeous in the store, but kids do not end up wearing them, because they do not like the feel. The best way to check the fabric  is to rub the sweater against your cheek, as children tend to have more sensitive skin than adults. If your child has a sensitivity to wool, ensure that you check the labels, as even a low wool content can irritate sensitive skin.

Here are the Sugar Muse picks for favorite fall sweaters:


Best pairings for chunky sweaters: leggings, maxi dresses, knit tights, t-shirts, skinny jeans, boots.


Best pairings for chunky sweaters: straight leg pants/jeans, slim-fit trousers, boots, lace-ups.

When caring for your child’s knitwear (and your own!) remember to fold, not hang, your kids knitwear so that they keep their shape and do not stretch out.

Sugar Muse was not compensated in any way for this post. The opinions expressed here are those of Sugar Muse.


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